Monday, May 30, 2011

Just Do It? Just Did It!

Hi there!  Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to blogland; it was a crazy-busy work week, and I was just bleh.  But now, midway through a glorious three-day weekend, I have enough energy to get to the task at hand.

So, when last we spoke, I was dithering about what fabric to use as a (hopefully) wearable muslin of McCall's 2401, for what I hoped could become a TNT.  Well, I made the dress last weekend, and I've been thinking about the result for the better part of the week.  Something isn't quite right about it, and I'm not sure what to do--or even if I want/should do anything about it.

The dress fits--could probably use a half-inch more at the hips.  The fabric isn't ideal, and it isn't even one of the fabrics I'd been originally contemplating.  I had another run through my various fabric stashes, and found this plisse/seersuckerish fabric with little daisies on it.  Perhaps a bit twee, but I thought it had a little Lilly Pulitzer feel to it.

I sewed a size 14, added 4 inches to the length, and used an invisible zipper instead of a standard one.  It fits well around the neck, and when standing still, it looks okay too, but it feels a little tight across the upper back/shoulders.  I'm thinking making the armscye a little larger might do the trick.  Again, though, I'm just not sure I have the desire to rip apart this version and try, try again.  I might come back to it.  I think I will definitely make up this pattern in a double knit or a stretch woven.  A little stretch should do the trick for a better fit.  For something cool and comfortable, I think I need to make something a little looser, with a slightly flared skirt.  I am perusing patterns in my stash and online.

Next up, I am almost finished with my "Backyard BBQ" dress using Vogue 8383 (oop).  All I have left is to make the buttonholes and sew on the buttons.  I'm using a fun citrus print on a lime green background--perfect for sipping a frosty beverage as the grill fires up!

After that, I'll probably try my hand at McCall's 6069 in a fun ITY print from Fabric Mart.


Shoe love:  I love these Sigerson Morrison ballet flats--black suede with purple studs.  Usually, Sigerson Morrison shoes are pretty expensive, but this pair was sold through Target, so they're frugalicious!
Happy sewing! ~ Peggy


  1. I think that you're dress looks nice. Those blue shoes, oh my goodness, are fabulous! :]

  2. Thanks! Also have the shoes in black--bought them several years ago at Nordstrom. I'm going to fuss with the dress some more.

  3. She even has cute shoes to match! Not bad for a muslin! I'd wear it for sure. Looking forward to seeing your backyard bbq dress.

  4. Your dress is quite wearable, but if you want to tinker, you could lengthen the front vertical darts to remove excess fabric from the tummy area, where you don't need it. It's hard to tell from the photo, but perhaps the side seam curve is also too high for your hip shape. These are alterations I am very familiar with :D

  5. I love that fun print and those shoes...!! Love!! The BBQ dress looks to be a fun one as well.

  6. The dress looks quite good. Perhaps it just needs a few minor tweaks to make it more to your liking. Or may-be it just needs to grow on you. Some dresses do.

  7. Thanks, everyone for your kind comments! Kay, thank you for the specific suggestions; you've made some good points, and I'll give them a try! ~ Peggy