Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Skirt & a Trip to the City

Good morning!  

I've taken some time off this week, and one of my favorite things to do (other than sewing) when I have a little free time on my hands is to walk around San Francisco.  So, yesterday morning, we hopped on the ferry for the thirty minute trip across the bay.  

We had lots of fun snoop-shopping (at St. John, Nordstrom, & Neiman Marcus), dining (at the Daily Grill), and shopping for fabric (Britex).  

Here's one of the dresses that caught my eye, and I think it would be pretty easy to duplicate.  It is a pullover jersey dress by Donna Morgan with a CB seam, an off-center front seam on the skirt front, and high-waist seam on one half of the dress.  (I'm probably not explaining that very clearly; the seaming allows for the twist in the dress.)  

Britex was Britex--floor to ceiling fabulous fabrics!  I always enjoy going there, and while there were oodles of lovely fabrics that I wanted to take home, I was really looking for some solid jerseys; the only ones I found were way too expensive.  

As it turned out, only one purchase was made yesterday: a pair of Stuart Weitzman black suede kitten heels on sale at Nordstrom--check 'em out in "Shoe Love."  

We arrived home in plenty of time for a little sewing.  Inspired by Jane of Lucky Sew and Sew,  I had ordered the Pamela's Patterns "Magic Pencil Skirt" pattern and was eager to give it a whirl.  Can you say fun, fast, and fabulous?  What an easy and satisfying pattern!  Even with adding six inches to the length, I used less than a yard of a black/white stretch woven from Gorgeous Fabrics--such a delight to sew!  Two darts in the front, two darts in the back, side seams sewn and serged, elastic, and hem--and that's it!  I've only made this one so far, but you can check out Jane's many versions here.  

Shoe love:  the aforementioned Stuart Weitzman kitten heels.  Nordstrom didn't have 10.5s in stock (don't they know tall people like to buy shoes too?), but the salesperson was able to find a pair in the system so they're on their way!  I LOVE black suede shoes!  Black suede pumps are classic; they go with so many things, and I love kitten heels because they give an illusion of height but are very wearable.  If any further rationalization is needed, the shoes were on sale!  (P.S.  I can rationalize anything, particularly if it has to do with chocolate.)

Happy sewing! ~ Peggy


  1. Hi Peggy and thank you for listening to my podcast and also the lovely compliment on my skirt. Ohmygoodness the Donna Morgan dress looks great on up you and that's a beautiful color. Your magic pencil skirt is so pretty and a great print and it looks with the top and belt. I love belts. Thanks for adding Pamela's pattern and will check it out after visiting your site.. I saw some great garments and off to check out your other creations. Happy Sewing.

  2. Hi Sheila ~ Thank you so much for your kind comments! I'm going to go to Walmart today to see if I can snag some of your cute skirt fabric!! ~ Peggy

  3. Love of Britex, shoes and chocolate - what else do we have in common? I do so miss shopping at Britex! Do they still have the remnant sale in July? It's been years since I lived in the Bay area!

  4. That sounds like my kind of day - snoop shopping, nice lunch, looking at fabrics and shoe shopping - what more could a girl want! Your skirt looks fabulous - I really love black and white prints.

  5. Love the blue dress, and yes I think Vogue has a pattern pretty similar!

  6. good to see you blogging again - it is alot of fun. YOU look amazing in the blue dress ( actually really amazing in everything ) I do hope you to knock this off because I think this will start a new sewing blogland trend.

  7. I just nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award :)