Thursday, February 23, 2012

Infinity Scarves and the Quest for Red Houndstooth Fabric

I'm taking a few days of vacation this week and I've been having lots of fun!  Finally saw The Artist, toured the Designer Showcase house, lots of walks, meals out, reading, resting, etc., etc.,  Oh, yes--and some sewing!  I made a gray/ivory checked pencil skirt--just need to hem it and then I'll post some pix, have cut out a Jalie scarf top, and a Vogue knit top which I hope to get to tomorrow, and I have made two super-quick and easy infinity scarves. 

There are lots of scarf tutorials all over the web, and I know both Carolyn and Eugenia have posted their versions.  Mine are made from chiffon from my stash(!), and they are 58" by 14" before sewing; the finished width is about 6 1/4".  Infinity scarves are great for a couple of reasons:  there's no fuss trying to tie the scarf in an aesthetically pleasing manner--just loop it once or twice and you're good to go; and, because the fabric is doubled, there's no hem!

I'm also on a quest for some red houndstooth fabric.  I saw this Christian Dior pencil skirt and fell in LOVE with it (but not the price).  If I can only find a similar fabric, I will be one very happy gal.  So today, in my search, I went to Stonemountain and Daughter in Berkeley and Piedmont Fabrics in Oakland.  Nary a red houndstooth in sight.  Sniff.  Well, there's still Britex; maybe I'll need to take another field trip tomorrow!  Please let me know if you happen to see any of this elusive fabric.  Thanks!

Happy sewing! ~ Peggy


  1. Lovely scarves and that red houndstooth inspiration skirt is gorgeous.

  2. I don't believe that I have ever seen houndstooth in red before! Looks wonderful! Doesn't Britex have absolutely everything? (I miss that store!)

  3. Thank you for your kind comments! Irene, Britex is still as fabulous as ever! So far, I've found a cotton red/white small houndstooth online, but I'm holding out for something with a larger pattern in a wool or something more substantial than broadcloth.

  4. I have seen some very similar fabric at Linton Fabrics here in the UK. I am certain that they do ship overseas, so it might be worth a look. It is a lovely skirt, well worth copying.

  5. Oooooo! Thank you, Susan. I'll see if Linton Fabrics has an online division.