Friday, February 24, 2012

Jalie Scarf Top

I love Jalie patterns.  They're well drafted, stylish, and the fit is fabulous.  I'm pretty late to the party for this one--Jalie 2921, the "Scarf-Collar Top."  I believe it came out in 2009 and has a zillion reviews on Pattern Review.  I've had the pattern for awhile, and as is my wont, I've let it age in my pattern drawer for far too long.

This is made from a mystery knit from my stash--a crepe jersey from who-knows-where in petal pink.  (The color in the photos is not accurate, but it's the best I could get.)  I cut a size "U" and added 1-1/2" to the length.  I also stabilized the shoulders with scraps of interfacing.  The seams were serged and the hems were done on my coverstitch.  I had intended to tie the scarf in a bow, but my fabric is a little too heavy.  My next iteration will be in something light and slinky.

As many others have noted, the burrito collar technique is quite something.  I couldn't fathom how it could work, but it did!  So, if you're making this for the first time and have some, uh, issues with spatial thinking like moi, just follow the directions and have faith!

Happy sewing! ~ Peggy


  1. I just found your blog, fellow local. Great shirt!

  2. Shams, I LOVE your blog. (And, you are the reason I went to Dharma Trading Co. and purchased felting supplies.)

  3. Great top - I have this pattern and it is ageing in my stash too. Not quite game to try it out. May be a little close fitted for me but love yours.

  4. i would love to have this pattern - yours looks very pretty and I suppose you have some shoes to match ?

  5. I just discovered your blog through Goodbye Valentino. I'm your newest follower and I can't wait to see what you have in store for me! I've just gotten back into sewing through refashioning but I'd like to start to do some more pattern sewing too.

  6. Thank you all for stopping by my blog and for your kind comments!

    BeaJay ~ You should try the top! With so many cutting lines, you can easily cut it to a more comfortable configuration; keep in mind, though, that Jalie patterns seem to have far less ease than the Vogue, Butterick, etc. (I will be enlarging the armscye and sleeveheads in my next version).

    Janine ~ Why, yes, I *do* have pink shoes! Unfortunately, they aren't the right shade for this top. I plan on wearing my dove gray suede Mary Jane pumps, ballet flats, or boots with this top. Hmmm. I guess I really love dove gray suede!

    Beth ~ Welcome! Reading sewing blogs really inspired me to get back into fashion sewing. I'm not really sure why I had let it fall to the wayside, but once I discovered the vast number of sewing blogs and sites on the internet, I couldn't help myself! Inspiration everywhere!!

  7. Delightfully lovely top! I recently acquired this pattern, and you inspired me to give it a try immediately!

  8. Thanks for your comment on my blog - I love this pattern so much and have made it twice already! The thing with the collar is pretty amazing, and as you say, just have faith and do what it says! It will make you shout with glee when you turn it out!

    This is beautifully made and looks very neat - do you find you use your coverstitch machine a lot? I've toyed with getting one but they are expensive and I'd have to find somewhere for it to live.... but the finish you've achieved here is perfections! xxx

  9. Oh wow, that's very elegant. The only Jalie pattern I've sewn up is their tights pattern from their (now defunct) yoga line. I have a top pattern from them that I should probably get back to now...

    BTW your commenting section doesn't work for non-blogger users. You might want to install disqus or something similar that allows cross-platform commenting..