Friday, April 13, 2012

1982 Revisited

I'm not sure if something from 1982 would be considered vintage yet, but, well, tell me what you think.

This week, I sorted through several packing boxes in the garage and came upon a super-sized stash of my old patterns, plus some fabric.  The patterns hail from the mid/late 1970s through the 80s, and include an awful lot of Lady Di-inspired looks, maternity patterns, and little girl outfits, but not a particular 1975 or '76 John Kloss pattern that I can't find anywhere online.  Many of the patterns made me giggle--lots of Dynasty-like shoulder-padded styles that would probably make me look like a linebacker.  But some, like the one below, I thought could easily pass for a current look--so I decided to whip up this number from 1982, using some authentic 1982 cotton from the now-defunct New York Fabrics (San Francisco Bay Area store bought out by Joann's).

This is McCall's 8006 in a size 12.  I made view A--the blue version on the envelope.  There's plenty of ease in the pattern, so I was able to wrangle this around my no-longer-size-12 body.  I added 7/8" length at the waist, used covered buttons, and finished the seams on the serger.  I like the pleating detail at the sleeve heads and at the cuffs.  This went together easily, and I am pleased with the result.  (Please excuse the wrinkles; this is after several hours of wear, plus I wore a belt around the waist.)
Accurate color, but difficult to see details

Fooling with exposure to try to show the seaming, pleats, and buttons

Black and white--why not?

So what do you think?  When is something "vintage" and when is it just out of fashion?

Coming up, I'm still working on the hot pink/coral/white pique sheath, but now I'm also toying with sewing another "found" pattern:  Vogue 1857 from the late 1970s--yes, that is Christie Brinkley in the photo.  I've always loved this pattern; I wish I still had the version I made in '83 (I think), but I'm sure it would be too small in the hips.  Sniff.

One pattern I won't be making?  Vogue 9145: a maternity jumper/blouse with necktie!  Yikes!  The drawing shows the model wearing white stockings--anybody else remember that trend?  I do remember wearing white hose and feeling quite fashionable. 

Happy sewing! ~ Peggy


  1. I made that black maternity jumper...out of black corduroy...and blouse, and probably wore it with white stockings in 1985. ;-) Ah, the memories...

  2. Hee hee! Yes, that jumper was pretty fashionable for maternity wear back then. I made it too, but if my memory is correct, I looked like a refrigerator in it! Those 80s maternity outfits are so different from the figure-hugging ones of today (which I doubt I would feel comfortable in--so I guess it's a good thing that I won't be getting pregnant!)

  3. Oh my goodness, Peggy, I had a jumper outfit just like that - RTW, and I wore it with white hose. Yes, indeed. And the blouse had shoulder pads, if I recall correctly.

    I am no fashion maven, but I really like your top, and would enjoy wearing that style and color. Enjoy it!

  4. I love your top! I think that fashions have circled back around to this. While I am not thrilled about an overall return to the 80s, if we can wear pretty blouses like this, I am definitely for it!

    But I won't be investing in white hose any time soon. ;)