Thursday, December 13, 2012

Red Top & Black Skirt: Classic Combo!

I’ve been on a skirt and top craze lately, and here’s my latest: 

It is Vogue 8323, view A, with long sleeves.  This is a very easy top to make, and although I don’t think these photos do it justice and it is hard to see the details, the top fits well and is comfortable.  I love the princess seams and the shawl collar.   (Erg.  I really didn't do a very good job with these pix!)  The fabric has been in my stash for ages—in fact, I think I bought it at New York Fabrics which was a San Francisco chain that was later bought out by Joann’s (so it’s been a long time!).  The fabric feels like a cotton interlock—super soft and incredibly easy to sew.  I was a little worried that the top would be too warm since there are four layers of fabric on the collar fronts, and two layers of fabric on the center front, but it’s fine—just nice and cozy.

I added two inches to the sleeve length, but other than that, I made no alterations.  I stabilized the shoulders, sewed the sleeves in flat, finished all seams with the serger (which I always do but sometimes forget to mention), and used the coverstitch for the sleeve and bodice hems.

The skirt is another me-made item, but it is almost old as my DD--let's just say the skirt is in its mid-20s!  It’s Vogue 7444, view A, long OOP but still available via online vendors.  I’ve probably made a dozen versions of the straight skirt.  This one’s pretty long, but I like the way it looks with my favorite black suede boots.  It isn't a pencil skirt; there’s no kick pleat and the bottom width is about ten inches larger than the bottom width of McCall’s 3830. 

For my next project, I’m making the same top, but in a dusty lavender/gray jersey.  And to go with it, another McCall’s 3830 in gray RPL.

I hope all is well in your world!  Until next time, happy sewing!
~ Peggy
P.S.  Here’s a modeled photo of my last outfit!  (I really love this outfit!)


  1. Very sharp and I love the green outfit too!

  2. Black & Red is a classic combo to me and this is a classic outfit! Enjoy wearing it!

  3. Both outfits are very pretty and so well fitted.

  4. Love both combos. You look fantastic wearing them!

  5. Red and black is my absolute favorite combo. I love the outfit you made. I had to laugh at your skirt because I made a purse out of the very same fabric, but it made a terrific skirt too!

    1. That's too funny! I'll bet the fabric looks great as a purse!!

  6. Both look very smart and stylish - this pattern style really suits you. Keep the sewing going...