Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sewing with a Plan? Kind of...

I’ve never participated in a SWAP before, but I do sew with something of a plan.  My plan is usually outfit by outfit, rather than a multi-piece wardrobe—as my DD would say, that’s just how I roll.  (I really like the idea of creating a multi-piece wardrobe, and I may just do that someday.)  My idea is to make sure I have the skirt, shoes, accessories, etc. to go with a piece I want to sew, and if I don’t, I start hunting for the necessary ingredients to make my sewn piece(s) part of a complete outfit. 
For instance, I saw this outfit on the Fifty, not Frumpy site:  
I love the pieces and the color combo, so I want to replicate the look.  I already have black slacks, a long camel cardigan, several black bags to choose from, and gold bangles, but I need to make a raspberry top, and I didn't have leopard boots (but now I do!).  I found these booties on sale for $40 on the 6 p.m. website and they arrived on Thursday:
In real life, the background of the print is a bit more golden than what this photo shows.  I chose these boots for the price and the heel height, not to mention that they had a size 11!

For the top, I'm still undecided on which pattern to use, although I might do another shawl-collared Vogue 8323.  I'm going to paw through my stash and see if I have a raspberry knit.  Once I make the top, I'll have a complete outfit ready to go!

I also want to make some more skirt and top sets.  The skirts will all be McCall's 3830 (with my modifications: extra darts at the waist and an added waistband).

First outfit:  an above-knee skirt in this black/white houndstooth double knit from Gorgeous Fabrics, paired with a scoop-necked Vogue 8323 in "Barbie Pink" knit, also from Gorgeous Fabrics.  This will be worn with black suede boots, black belt, and black tights.

 2nd outfit:  New Look 6150 top in caramel rayon knit from Stonemountain and Daughter paired with "Tribe Vibe" stretch moleskin animal print from Joann's.  This skirt will also be above the knee.  This will be worn with black tights and either black suede boots/belt or dark caramel equestrian boots/belt:

3rd outfit:  Another above-knee skirt in blue-on-blue corduroy print which was given to me ages ago by my friend, Cuyler.  With it, I have a blue sweater knit from, but I haven't decided which pattern to use for the top.  I'm envisioning a turtleneck, but those can get pretty hot.  This outfit will be worn with the equestrian boots and belt:

4th outfit:  A navy blue double knit McCall's 2401, with either long- or 3/4- length sleeves.  This will be worn with a scarf, gold chain belt, and camel suede pumps, or possibly with the equestrian boots and matching belt.

I might also do something with winter white and emerald green, but that's still percolating--and I don't have the fabrics in my stash.

So, this should keep me off the streets and out of trouble for a while!  How about you--what's on your cutting table?

Until next time, happy sewing!
~ Peggy


  1. Oh Peggy, I like your way of thinking! If I used your way of thinking when planning my sewing projects, I would not end up being so frustrated with my wardrobe! Love your fabric picks and can't wait to see your completed projects! Good Luck!

  2. I came across your blog when I was googling sewing with knits or something like that and I'm so glad I did! I love the gorgeous clothing you've made and I especially like this idea of sewing with a purpose and maybe starting with an outfit for inspiration.

  3. Great colour combinations - I love them. This is my first SWAP too so I know how you feel. Just bought a pair of animal skin ankle boots too - Great minds...